Iced Grilled Nectarine Drink

Iced Grilled Nectarine Drink


So last summer I had a little obsession. Unfortunately for my mid-section, it wasn’t exercised (although I swear this summer will be different!). It was a grilled fruit drink. And not just for dessert. Actually, I don’t think I ever served it for dessert, but instead, grilled fruit was front and center in salads, appetizers, on top of chicken or fish and wait for it…in cocktails!

I mean it just isn’t summer without a refreshing, cold drink with just the right amount of booze to make you feel all relaxed and right with the world. Am I right or am I right?

For me, a cocktail is all about balance. I usually gravitate toward drinks that are more dry than sweet, with bright flavors from a squeeze of citrus. However, some drinks need a pop of sweetness and maybe even a little heat. And this whole grilled fruit thing, well it’s a game changer in the cocktail world.


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